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Early railroad expansion passed the town by (although the town was serviced by the Middlesex Turnpike), limiting its early development, and Burlington continued to cure hams for the Boston market and produce milk, fruit, and vegetables.

This picture changed drastically, however, as soon as Route 128 was built.

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The growing scandal over bogus ‘child’ migrants was highlighted this week with the murder of 22-year-old aid worker Alexandra Mezher at a Swedish refugee hostel for children in Gothenburg, where her mother says residents lie about their age to get preferential asylum treatment.Last year, as the migration crisis blew up, the numbers of children arriving in the Garden of England surged.All three profiles manage to stand out from the crowd – they’re unique and free of the usual online dating clichés that people have come to expect, while still showcasing the user’s true personality.Each profile is different in the same way that each person is different – so we’ve showcased three of the most common “types” of online dating profiles.The highway kicked off an enormous expansion, and between 19 Burlington was the fastest growing town in the state.

In one five-year period, its population tripled as residential and commercial retail development exploded creating the town's present character.

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The extraordinary pictures of the two men, one Somalian and the other from Iraq, were published in the Swedish press to show how enthusiastically this politically correct nation welcomes in orphaned young migrants.

Of course, it is hard not to have sympathy for children or young teenagers who find themselves alone among the great migrant trek across Europe.

By September, it was responsible for 720 under-18s, three times as many as the same time a year earlier, and now Kent has appealed to other councils for housing help.