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Addition Agnostic posted something similar back in January, but due to my apparent gayness, the following adds to it by injecting gender into the relationship between sexual activity and age.---There are several different ways to estimate at what age physical attractiveness peaks among men and women.

For those who have never had problems attracting female interest, the advice can be banal.Things like “just go up and talk to her, don’t hesitate,” or “act confident,” or “draw attention to yourself.” However, some of the advice is somewhat counterintuitive: for example, the “neg,” which involves a subtle and playful insult to an attractive woman to differentiate the PUA from the average drooling male. The first insists that smarts, like any other positive attribute, can only raise a man’s dating market value because women are hypergamous and appreciate a smarter man than themselves.The other school says that women are put off by men who are too much smarter than themselves, and that experience shows women fall for lunkhead jerks all the time, perhaps because these types of men are less introspective and more unthinkingly assertive about hitting on women.That being said, one should never confuse the tool for the consequence of its use and that is the problem that most smart guys face.

Most smart men think that displaying their intelligence, usually in some hopelessly dorky manner, will make them more attractive to women. Whereas women are attracted to muscles and strong bodies for their own sake, and not merely because they can indicate social and sexual dominance, the first group aside, they are not attracted to intelligence for its own sake, only when it is used to dominate others.For ease of presentation, age ranges represent early-ies, mid-ies, and late-ies (click for higher resolution): Women are at the peak in their early twenties.The absolute highest point is reached at age 23, which catches some of 22 as well, since the question inquires about activity over the last 12 months.The following graph shows the average number of sexual partners in the last year for unmarried respondents*.Female responses (pink) are scaled so that they are comparable to male responses (blue)**.Over a pint or two at the local pub, Krauser and I sketched out ideas for the components of Male Sexual Market Value (M-SMV) and how different types of Game (“Value Delivery Mechanisms”) make use of the different components.