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They are dedicated to delivering an outstanding food and social experience to the Karachi food lovers.With its aesthetically tempting atmosphere and modified approach to the service united with its delectable and assorted menu, be ready for the premium cafe experience.With subtle mood lighting and a quiet look over the water; Port grand is definitely a top pick!

Grilled Surf “N” Turf, a La Carte are the area of expertise of Casbah.

Very calm and serene atmosphere with lush greenery is what makes Casbah so special. Address: Beach Luxury Hotel Lalazar, Karachi Telephone: 021-35611031 Website: Cosmopolitan is a fashionable, modish and finest urban cafe in the Karachi.

Address: Pearl Continental Hotel Club Road UAN: 111-505-505 Okra opened its doors in 1999 on Zamzama in Karachi and defined what fine dining was all about.

If you want to hide away from the Karachi hustle, nuzzle in a few romantic moments with that special someone, we’ve discovered a few gems for you: Koel With a beautiful patio, immersion of nature and concrete, the over arching centerpiece tree and plants adorned in the space make Koel an unusual, quiet and laid back night.

Cafes generally offer light snacks and desserts along with hot & cold drinks.

That said, it’s seems that Karachi-ites like to have fairly substantial items on cafe menus so the distinction ends up being more about ambience, size and atmosphere. They invariably serve breakfast too because we Karachi-ites love our café breakfasts.Kolachi A picturesque spot to enjoy calm waves and beautiful mood lighting reflecting on the water, Kolachi is not only renowned for its vast menu and delectable food, it makes the perfect spot for a romantic evening out, in summer or winter, this is a winner in all respects Rosati For those of you looking for a more practical dining experience, preferring the shelter of an air-conditioned space.Rosati’s contemporary interior, continental cuisine and gracious staff are a winner for a more conventional date night with the hubby.The décor almost makes it feel like you could be in your own living room!The patio serves shisha, which adds an additional edge to the experience, for those of you who are looking for more than just dinner to make that romantic night special. Port Grand Port Grand’s secluded location and wide array of restaurant options makes it a perfect place for people who tend to have different food tastes but still want to go out for a bite to eat.They come regularly, on Pakistan’s Independence Day, on Defence Day, on the Founder’s Birthday, and on the anniversary of the day he died.