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Thanks to Konan - the manager of "the Akatsuki" - he can try his abilities in songwriting. The choice will be made that will either cause pain or happiness. When Itachi entered college, his only goal was to maintain a 4.0 GPA. Now throw in a flashy roommate, your typical failing athlete, and a laid-back cousin who swears that he's got everything under control.

No talking please."So, Deidara was sharing with Sasuke and Itachi was with Sasori. Sasuke was always nervous around Orochimaru."That's good." The older male said, while moving Sa Sasori sat up, still panting. ”Deidara nodded as he tried to get his breathing back to normal. Shizune, the principle’s assistant, was standing there.“Hi, Mr. I came here to give you your class schedule.” She said, handing the red head a piece of paper.“Thanks, Shizune.” He said with a smile on his face.“Okay, I’ll be going now.” Shizune said as Sasori started to close the door, until the doorway was blocked by a certain blonde girl’s foot, as she pushed her way into the dorm room.“Yes, Ino? You know, we’re not in public any more,” Ino said as she pushed her lips onto Sasori’s. And, you will find yourself again, because that's life. They forget about the feelings they had when these special persons were around. We will always be there for you, no matter how much you suffer! The younger male lashed out with his trained rapid reflexes, grabbing Deidara rushed to his car, all too unhappy with his after school lecturer. He was late for the date Sasori had lovingly timed and planned out, and he was going to be dead shit if he didn't reach the mystery place in 7 minutes.Orochimaru walked over to Deidara's table, right in front of Sasuke. Sasori jumped off the bed, forgetting about the ladder, and walked over to the door. Deidara turned his head quickly to look at his i Pod, “and there just h Angel, Master : Prologue Pairing (main): Dei Saso/ Saso Dei Other pairing: Pein Kona, Kisaita, Kaku Hida, Zetsu Tobi Other Characters : Naruto etc etc.------------Deidara woke up to the sound of his damned alarm clock ringing on his nightstand made of wood. Sure, it could be fun, not to mention the fact that he was a new fish, had no friends there, and got kicked into a class full of beings like him. "Deidara deadpanned and wal"If you don't eat your breakfast, Deidara, it's going to get cold."Deidara looked up from the smoothie his mother made him and he eyed the woman. Additionally there will be others taking their place, other who will be as precious as they were. Some day, yeah, there will be a day you wake up without this pain. The blonde got into the car and dumped his back pack to the seat right next to him, groaning angrily went it slid off and landed on the car floor. And a mad and angry Sasori wasn't one to be forgiving. The blonde reached out to the bag to pick it up, this time setting it carefully on the vacant seat again.Using it to enlighten himself on the paranormal activities of his town and locate the Mystic Amulet, which he exploited as part of his child psychic act for his tourist trap, the Tent of Telepathy.Driven by a hunger for ultimate power, Gideon sought what he believed to be the only remaining book, Journal 1, and unite them to unleash a gateway of unimaginable power.Unfortunately, a certain blond (nearly ex)co-songwriter doesn't agree to let his job to the redhead. Is this all fate or the predestined choices made by those in a higher power. (Pairings listed above are subject to change - some are fleeting, some take longer to develop, etc., etc.,) For an ask on my Tumblr: Well that post about kisame and shark characteristics said the hoshigaki females would be generally bigger, more muscular etc.

So just, kisame sees the pink headed blob from behind and like ew a weak one but then she turns around and bam memories of his mother accidentally breaking tables/doors/walls come to mind bam he's in love "I have been coming here as well at the same time, although I am later than usual. He had an extremely bad temper, and he often got into arguments with his poor, rich, parents. Said blonde was the only child of the Iwa family, and was often referred to as a 'Spoilt Brat'.Normally I come in mornings to sell the butters." The redhead rubbed his chin in thought. I will sell my butters and everyone will buy then because they're much better than yours." The Namikaze clan and the Uzumaki Clan were United when their Heirs, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki finally mated and sealed their bond.But what most of the world didn't know was that Minato had a son with a previous mate, one he'd left and subsequently, killed when their bond broke. It's complicated and don't expect to be "good" in the beggining ...