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Bert is always on the hunt for adventure, and he loves sharing his experiences on stage.He wrote a best-selling memoir in recent years, and his 2016 Showtime special was a smash hit.) and the info on the Sci-Fi Speed Dating website, I recognized the absence of some information that I admittedly felt completely blindsided by when I showed up for the event.

This morning, NPR Morning Edition ran a story called, “Why Hasn’t Online Dating Made it Onscreen?” Of course, as the story discusses, online dating has made it onto TV screens, and studios have made tons of tech-that-kills sci-fi and horror movies.Nor am I one of those stressed out kinds of single people, who appear to view finding “the one” in a similar way to defusing a bomb. So when we went to Comic-Con (full report on that HERE) and Stephanie said, “You are going to do this Sci-Fi Speed Dating thing,” I was like, “Okay.” I have never done speed dating or Internet dating or blind dating before, so I thought it would be cool to give my dating life a weird edge for once.And while I wasn’t really EXPECTING to have success, I also wasn’t closed to the possibility. The Bert Kreischer party train keeps picking up speed.So I’m not one of those sassy kinds of single people.

You know, the ones who are always going, “SINGLE AND LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT,” or like, drinking fun cocktails and stuff like that.

Should I begin by setting the scene with a dramatic description of one of my more memorable encounters from the event?

I have to describe the logistics of the event at some point -- should I open the article with those?

"So I mentioned that she was 'too cute to be expendable'" — the inside joke being that most red shirts on "Star Trek" wind up dead.

He teased that they should visit a power plant on their first date.

NPR spoke with film producer Christine Vachon, who said that the problem was visual, since it’s cinematically boring to watch people swipe right and swipe left, etc.