Sedating house cats for travel

Samson & Soafie, the indoor cats, aren’t much for car travel either.

by Arna Cohen Third wheels aren't a standard feature of honeymoons, but when Joanne and Jonas Banner were planning a camping trip to the redwood stands of Northern California, the newlyweds had no intention of leaving behind their 10-year-old pointer mix, Sandy.

"Getting married was really important to us, and she’s a big part of our lives," says Joanne, who lives with her husband in Trabuco Canyon, Calif.

Before you hit the road with a four-legged copilot, assess whether the trip is in their best interests.

If your plans include activities where animals aren’t allowed, consider whether your pet will be happy and well-behaved when left alone in a hotel room.

She’s only been in a car twice, both times to go to the vet.

Dexter gets carsick, though we’ve found a homeopathic treatment that works for him. Read our handy guide for tips on choosing which solution is best for your cat.He cannot read the calendar and has no idea if, let alone when, you will return. Ignore the reception area and look at the cat pens - are they clean?Keeping his territory and having a friendly and familiar hand stroking and feeding him, and keeping his litter tray clean, is the best solution for most cats. Do they look comfortable from a cat's point of view?The best candidate is someone who has, or has had their own cat, and whose cat-keeping standards are similar to your own. What kind of barriers are there between adjacent pens - cats do not derive comfort from the presence of other cats, and in fact, often find it stressful. Cat Sitter | Cattery | Fosterage | Travelling Cats | Home Alone Cat Sitter For most cats, this is the best solution. Does he have a sensitive stomach or will he eat anything? Visit the proposed cattery several times, and ask lots of questions about daily routine, and also what happens in the event of problems.