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However, a baby's heartbeat changes at different stages of pregnancy.Much also depends on how active your baby is at the time of listening.

Your son-in-law could just as easily be mourning the death of his Mini-Me visions, which I think every parent-to-be harbors to some degree. Those emotions are often faster to our tongues than logic is.

You know — where you conjure your favorite parent-child memories as a kid, and you gender those activities more out of reflex than any real notion that girls can’t go fishing or boys can’t plant flowers with Mom, and you picture yourself bringing them to life in a new generation. So, a man enjoying warm memories of Dad, freshly stirred up by his own impending fatherhood, might stammer out ” … ” before the full implications thereof had time to form in his brain.

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This isn’t gendered, either; the version of your dilemma I’ve gotten most over the years is from moms-to-be bummed to have sons. So please, find any doubt you can about your son-in-law’s motives and then give him the full benefit of it.

Want Tell Me About It delivered to your inbox for free on weekdays? Consider how he treats your daughter, and their baby girl, how good a spouse and parent he is in general, how good a person he is overall.

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Measuring your baby's heart rate in the uterus (womb) is also claimed to predict your baby's sex.

Girls may have higher heart rates than boys, and medical trials have tested this theory.

Like all the best stories, this one starts in a pub.