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We also have companion workshops for parents and educators (teachers, camp counselors, youth leaders) to learn strategies for abuse prevention, successful identification and intervention, and role modeling/teaching building blocks to help young people develop healthy relationships.We have reached over 1,600 parents and youth leaders.

Our courses and events reflect the dynamism and diversity of our heritage and community. Network is just that – a Networking organisation that offers a way for Jewish young adults to stay active and connected in our community.Hagshama Australia works to support young adults from around Australia to fulfill their Zionism beliefs via a dynamic range of social, educational and cultural Israel inspired events. Hagshama is a non-profit body, operating under the Department for Diaspora Activities of the World Zionist Organisation and has been running events in Australia since 1999. A big word in the Jewish community and a household name for young adults between the ages of 20-39 living in Sydney (and around the world – but we don’t like to boast). From social to cultural, education to spiritual, no matter what your taste, we’ve got you covered.Young women in dating relationships are not immune—yet young people are often not given the tools to recognize abusive behavior, nor the skills or self-esteem for building loving, respectful relationships. Our goals are to increase awareness in the Jewish community about dating violence; help young people recognize abusive behavior; teach middle school through young adult Jews the skills to build loving, respectful relationships; give girls and women the knowledge and tools they need to make healthy relationship choices; teach boys and young men to become allies in healthy relationships; and educate parents and teachers to successfully offer assistance with the difficult relationship issues facing youth today.main program consists of healthy relationships workshops in synagogues, religious schools, Jewish day schools, summer camps, and Hillels, providing information about relationship abuse and tools to promote healthy relationships from a Jewish [email protected] is the education department of The Shalom Institute.

Encounters offers a variety of quality educational and cultural programs for adults of all ages from across the entire community.Since 2002 over 11,300 young people have participated in these peer-led, interactive, educational workshops for adolescent, teen, and young adult Jews (ages 11-24).Topics include building blocks of healthy relationships, safety planning, communication skills, self esteem, setting boundaries, identifying warning signs, recognizing abusive/controlling behaviors, power and control issues, and forms of abuse—from verbal abuse to sexual harassment. Our workshops build girls’ resiliency by promoting internal protective factors, such as girls’ ability to make sound decisions, take responsibility, set limits, and know when and how to reach out for help.As expressed by the Catholic scholar Edward Flannery, “Antisemitism is the longest and deepest hatred of human history. Why has this hatred and fear of the Jews persisted for so long?Consider this attack on the Jewish people made in Ezra’s day, also roughly 2,500 years ago: The king should know that the Jews who came up to us from you have gone to Jerusalem and are rebuilding that rebellious and wicked city.Shalom PREGGY, Shalom BABY and Shalom TOTS - we connect you along your journey of The PJ Library ("pj" for pyjamas) program offers the gift of free, high quality Jewish books and music each month to children ages 6 months through to 6 years across NSW and the ACT.