Silverlight xap not updating

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"Why my Visual Studio debugger is not working for my Silverlight application? But, in this post I am just sharing the solution once again for my blog readers and anyone on the net who may face similar issue in future. Just follow the steps from top to bottom and let me know which one resolved your problem. If you search on net, you may probably find the solution.application framework for writing and running rich Internet applications, similar to Adobe Flash.A plugin for Silverlight is available for some browsers.One thing I’ve been wondering if whether an ‘Out Of Browser Helper’ control would be a useful, and quick, control for us to turn around inside the Silverlight Toolkit: something that has a very small scope, specific purpose, and will save developers time.

I’m imaging that this would wrap up the update logic, potentially offer the Install button, and other core services.

This tip might not be a new thing for you but don't forget to share to others. One of my blog reader "Raksha" was facing an issue with her Visual Studio debugger.

She was not able to find out the way to enable the debugging feature and came to my blog to ask me this question for help: While working with the Silverlight application, I found that it is not following the breakpoints while running the application.

We’ve enabled Out of Browser support for the Silverlight Control Browser application for the Silverlight Toolkit.

That was reason enough for me to blog a little bit about that, and offer an overall guide to how to hook up to the proper events and respond to install state changes.

So in such case, just use the IE and that could help you.