Speed dating disabled people

The Purple Club House was a great success last Friday night.

72 people attended the Club and 21 worked on it – so we were busy!

” She’d just come along for a laugh, a bit like me.

speed dating disabled people-90

Or maybe I’m just bitter because I’m still single and no-one seems to look past the disability! ’ It’s that time of the year when people can patronise disabled people by oooo-ing and ahhh-ing about them on television and saying how cute they look. Safe in the knowledge that they would never even consider dating them in real life.We take great care to vet applicants and this job is handled by a very experienced team.As a result, you can feel confident that all the members of Outsiders are genuine, and not predators.I even met a woman from America who said she lived in a mansion.

I asked if I could visit and she said, “my husband wouldn’t be too happy!It wasn’t until I was given a sheet of paper with tick boxes that I realised it wasn’t just a club night.It was quite a laugh and I ended up meeting loads of different women from different places.Dating is hard though, especially when you’re disabled.I would try speed dating but by the time it took me to type a sentence, it’d be time to move on to the next person.TV programmes like The Undateables have got people talking about relationships, lots of people think that someone with a learning disability shouldn’t have a relationship.