Stone cold steve austin dating

With Sting appearing in WWE, and Bill Goldberg making his comeback, is it time for “The Rattlesnake” to return as well?Bill Goldberg made his comeback to WWE after more than a decade, and now he is continuing on with one more title run in him.

But when we turn the pages of his personal life, then it seems like he is not successful in it.The WWE legend Austin has married four times and sadly he is divorced thrice.It happens from time-to-time, and even The Rock has taken time away from making films to return to the ring.So many people have wondered if the glass would ever break, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin would hit the ring to take care of business.“Stone Cold” Steve Austin has not stepped into a wrestling ring to perform in an actual match in more than a decade.

Yes, he has done some work for WWE here and there while also making promotional appearances, but fans have had to go without seeing him wrestle for a long time.“Stone Cold” was a bloody mess, the proverbial crimson mask caked on his face, running over his nose, down across his teeth to his chin and, finally, to the mat below as he screamed in pain.Frustrated and angry, his appetite for revenge against “Stone Cold” not yet filled, Hart attacked the unresponsive Austin.To the dismay of announcers Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross and Vince Mc Mahon, the "Hitman” showed a side of himself no one had ever seen before.After being taken to the mat by Shamrock, who was attempting to prevent any further damage to Austin, Hart stomped out of the arena, stopping to flip off a fan and spew venomous insults at others booing and jeering him.Now he is also known as “Stone Cold” and by his profession he is also dictated as professional wrestler and he is also engaged within WWE.