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There is a fine line between compassion and being used. plated in gold and the answer would still be He-l no! Sad thing is, most men who apply don't know the rules. You have to dress well, have great manners, set aside your likes or dislikes, understand that you will be thought of as a male prostitute, be on call 24 hrs.

If your question is would I pay for a gent to be a partner and or friend.... I know women can be gold diggers..conversely so can men. a day, and if you want to stay employed, you had better not even think of another woman.

In today's society, more than half of all marriages fail for various reasons.

op I have had the experience and never saw it coming.What I thought to be someone down on their luck turned out to be a person with no work ethic and a bottomless pit via my bank account.Older women and younger man relationships have increased over the last few years, as more and more sugar mummies are looking to have fun with zero commitment.The internet has become much more accessible to all, especially with the rise of tablets and smartphones, the typical sugar mummy likes to be discreet about her dealings, so you are more likely to find her on dating sites rather than anywhere else.Golly, change a few of the words, and it sounds a lot like being a wife. It didn't last long, because I wasn't comfortable with it. I simply do not understand the idiocy I read here sometimes when people dig up messages from years ago and reply to members that do not exist.

At first, it was kinda fun, having her just buy me anything and everything on a whim. I mean, the suga momma is probably dead by now dont you think?

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NOTE: Please do not pay anybody claiming to be from, we do not have agents and do not ask for payment in anyway from anybody, many fraudsters have been posting on our facebook page, please do not patronize them, they will dupe you.