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As soon as Sasuke is out of sight, Sarada emerges from the hall closet.

She lifts the lillies to her nose, inhaling deeply and smiling to herself.

He could easily fall asleep right then and there if it weren't for the girl peering down at him."What is it? He is the only one who likes to train."Shikadai sat up. Well, let's drag him back over here so I can at least get enough practice down to tell my mom that I actually did train today."He sighed but reluctantly followed Chou Chou out of the training grounds and towards the playground."Hey, he's just sitting there," Chou Chou pointed out as the two of them reached the edge of the playground and stood at the south entrance."He looks like he's drawing," Shikadai observed."Oh look, Sarada is babysitting Himawari," Chou Chou commented. " Shikadai asked as he blatantly stood five feet away from the pole so that he was in view of the whole street."You mean why are you standing so far out so that the whole world can see you," Chou Chou hissed as she pulled him back to place him behind her. Sarada was stopped momentarily by the front of the hospital as she stared up at it in wonderment. I'm just not sure if I would be bothering her if I go in during her working hours," Sarada responded."What were you going to give her?

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The Art of Concealment Shikadai sighed as he stared at the clouds in the sky. Let's just call it a day and go home."Chou Chou ignored him as she pulled on his arm. It must be good if he missed practice."Shikadai grumbled under his breath but he allowed Chou Chou to lead him through the playground to follow their third teammate to wherever he was going. "The two of them continued tailing after the two and watched as Inojin stealthily followed behind Sarada."You would think they would notice us by now," Shikadai muttered."Love doesn't have peripheral vision. This is even better than training," Chou Chou grinned."This is probably not what my mother had in mind for me when she told me to practice the art of concealment," Shikadai muttered.It was a serene afternoon as he laid down on the grassy fields. I thought it was just him going through puberty or something," he responded. "Ugh, you boys and your lack of maturity during these stages. They ended up walking to Boruto's house as they watched Inojin watching Sarada drop off Himawari."Why are we hiding? The two of them stopped as they hid behind a tree near the hospital.Can you actually fall in love with someone through messages, texts and pictures?Is the most amazing emotional and human connection she's had enough to risk it all for a relationship?The idea is ludicrous, and the possibility is far more likely that she has another stalker.

But, and he hates to use any of these words because they're too reminiscent of a certain Green Beast, Sarada is in the full bloom of youth, and her formidable skills as a kunoichi have not gone unnoticed by the village and its young men.

She sighed as she glanced down at her bag with worry creasing the top of of her forehead."What's the matter? Sarada glanced up to see Inojin standing in front of her. Sarada removed a bento box from her bag as she set it down on her lap. She left it at home this morning and I was worried she wouldn't be able to eat if she realized it was missing.

Mama always skip meals sometimes when she is overworked.

Title: The Art of Diversion Summary: Drawing is not the only kind of art Inojin is skilled in. Every day for the last eleven days, an unsigned bouquet of flowers has been delivered to his door at precisely nine a.m.

Pairing: Sara Jin/Ino Sara Disclaimer: Naruto, not mine since 1999. The sender of these flowers must clearly has a deathwish, because the card always reads "For the most beautiful kunoichi in Konoha."Since Sasuke himself is not a kunoichi, it can be deduced that the flowers are either for his wife (a remarkably bad decision on the sender's part) or his fifteen year-old daughter (an even worse decision).

These are the questions she asks herself every single day. All he wants is someone to make him feel loved and appreciated, but he's having a hard time letting go of his last relationship.