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Bob Dylan first met his future wife Sara Lownds sometime in 1964 while she was still married to her first husband, the photographer Hans Lownds, and while Dylan was still romantically linked to fellow folk singer Joan Baez.

Music icon Bob Dylan has been accused of stealing parts of his Noble Prize speech from a student cheat-sheet website.

As the children of the ’60s grew into adulthood and the cold realities of life piled up, the voice of that generation was once again echoing back to them what they already felt.

Blood On The Tracks is what happens when hope and optimism turn to pain and confusion.

The American singer-songwriter finally delivered his long-awaited Nobel lecture last week, after being awarded the literature prize on October 13.

Dylan caused controversy when he took two weeks to officially respond to the honour, prompting accusations of arrogance and impoliteness.

So, I was absolutely intrigued to hear that Shannen was documenting the planning of her wedding to fiance, photographer Kurt Iswarienko on "The biggest misconception would be that I only have one side to me.

Seems to be the biggest one and that, you know, people don't ever consider how old I was when some of the crazier stuff happened, which by today's standards is incredibly tame.

Nobel laureates usually hold their lectures in Stockholm in the days prior to the ceremony, and the lecture is required for the winner to collect the 8 million Swedish kronor (2,000) in prize money.

They first met in 2012 when Dylan arrived at the Bates house and started out originally as acquaintances before becoming a couple following him caring for his younger half-brother due to Norma running out on her sons.

And they don't consider that, you know, I have grown up and that there is a softer more vulnerable side or they don't consider what was behind some of the antics when I was very young. And we would never do something like that scenario was back then.""I actually remember getting that storyline and being incredibly upset about it.

And I mean that doesn't really do them justice nor myself justice."The question was . .whose side did you understand more, Brenda or Kelly's? And it wasn't because Brenda was losing Dylan.

Getting on the phone with Shannen brought back that same rush of "how did I get here?