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In November 2013, the Cracked web site was hacked and was unwittingly delivering malware to site visitors.

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The site includes columns by Sean "Seanbaby" Reiley, Daniel O'Brien, Robert Brockway, Cody Johnston, Soren Bowie, Chris Bucholz, host and writer of the web series Hate by Numbers Wayne Gladstone, John Cheese, Christina Hsu, and head writer and performer of the sketch comedy group "Those Aren't Muskets! They hosted “The Making of ‘After Hours’: How a Conversation Becomes an Episode”, “Comedy Troupes Are the New Rock Stars”, and a performance of the sketch comedy showcase “Cracked LIVE: The 6 Most Bafflingly Hilarious Things Happening in Front of You (Right Now)! Mother Jones called “one of the hottest humor sites on the web” and said its content includes “some of the most uproarious and sage commentary on the interwebs”, describing it as “striking the right balance of pop culture, bawdy humor, and intellect”.

One of the biggest problems with online dating—with any dating, really—is never knowing how long into the process to wait before you reveal your evidence that 9/11 was an inside job. Thankfully, there’s now a dating service for us rare individuals who see through the illusion that is modern America: Daily Dot reports that the new online dating service Awake Dating, which arranges romantic connections for those who are “awake,” is now operational.

But Ansari seems to be taking the topic seriously, teaming up with sociology professor Eric Klinenberg to really analyze contemporary courtship.

And in an op-ed for the New York Times, Ansari and Klinenberg reunite to offer solid, if slightly familiar, advice about “How To Make Online Dating Work.”The article tries to remove whatever stigma is still left around online dating, noting that sites like Ok Cupid, Match, and Tinder should be called “introducing services” since the dating itself still happens in the real world.

That’s why Awake Dating allows for all possible variants of being awake to be disclosed right up front, be it the more garden-variety interests like raw foodism and reiki, or the more hard-hitting truth bombs like the existence of the Jewish/Illuminati Global Elite Alliance.

(Admittedly, it takes a while to discover the facts there, given their control of the media and method of hiding out within their secret citadel in the Earth’s hollow core.) But Awake Dating allows users to find love, free of the judgment of small-minded simpletons who refuse to see the Marxist propaganda that drives their oppressive multicultural zealotry.Having already blossomed as a newspaper, Web site and book publisher, The Onion — perhaps the most dominant provider of fake news anywhere — is bringing its brand of humor to the hot medium of the moment: Online video.The dispatches on the Onion News Network, which goes live Tuesday, aren't likely to be causing much missed sleep over at CNN and Fox News Channel, unless those outlets start covering fake news stories like Civil War re-enactors being dispatched to Iraq.In the meantime, The Onion wanted to give its audience as much flexibility as possible, and will allow features that are popular on video-sharing sites such as allowing Web publishers to embed clips into their blogs."We want as many people to see our news reports as possible," Mills said."We can work out a deal with You Tube when they're ready."The Onion's network will start out with two new video clips per week, supported by ads.Someone who’s “awake,” as defined by Awake Dating COO Jerrod Fidden, is “one who has investigated and come to his or her own conclusions on a collection of topics and issues.