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During the early years of the republic, the government invested a large amount of resources into fine arts such as paintings, sculpture and architecture.

This was done as both a process of modernization and of creating a cultural identity.

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they dont date.there are less conservatives who dates without any kind of physical contact.

i have a male cousin who dated a girl for 8 years and then get married.

It means “welcome” and the phrase that you should return is “Hos bulduk” which means we feel welcome.

Don’t get nervous if you forget this term or forget to say it as Turkish people realize that not every foreigner knows the Turkish language. If you are a woman, the only establishments to be aware of are Turkish tea houses. Instead look for a Turkish tea garden where couples and families will go.

Today, Turkey may be the only country that contains every extreme of Eastern and Western culture (along with many compromises and fusions between the two).

The Ottoman system was a multi-ethnic state that enabled people within it not to mix with each other and thereby retain separate ethnic and religious identities within the empire (albeit with a dominant Turkish and Southern European ruling class).

In most cities students in universities are liberal like western countries.

I am a foreign student in turkey myself and I found that few of my friends had their “first time” in high school.

Coz, there are many people with alternative motives on the planet.

Bet you will have a great experience while u r in Turkey;)Drop me a line before u go there.

If you are in any doubt, take a look at who else is there.