Updating cummins isc engine cap pump and problems

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This ensures that the engine operates at the preferred RPM when releasing load and operating hydraulics.2.) Max engine speed without Vehicle Speed Signal (VSS): Limits the engine's RPM when vehicle is stationary, preventing unnecessary engine wear and decreasing fuel consumption.The lift pumps on these engines only run for a minute or so at startup, then they go into bypass and a gear pump on the injection pump sucks the fuel needed..So, after running out of ideas, he took off the pump, sent it to be rebuilt, and they found the main shaft to be worn out beyond repair.It only had 110,000 Miles, so I figured I should be good, I have four times that on my 5.9.. on my way back from a "test" trip, took it 600km camping a few weeks ago to iron out the bugs, before we take it 6000Km to the west coast next week. started to loose power, dead pedal, white smoke, bucking etc.

It started out very mild, only a little hesatation when it downshifted while going up hill, and it progressivly got worse.

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The ISC engine also features very versatile engine ECM parameters, so customizing the engine to the application is quite easy.

Some popular parameters that can be adjusted are: 1.) Engine PTO settings: Can be programmed to allow preset engine speed (RPM) at the touch of a button.

He did replace the lift pump, no surprise, and then tried the injectors, a couple of them were a little week, but not too bad...