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You can create contact groups in Outlook so sending an email to a group of recipients is much easier.

When you have just become a new grandmother, signed a contract with a major label or found an ancient engraving trying to plant a tree, do you not want to tell as many people as possible?

The Distribution List Manager for Outlook picks up where Outlook leaves off – providing you with quicker, simpler and more powerful distribution list management functions to keep you concentrating on what you need to do instead of on the tedious chores of maintaining distribution lists.

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In addition, it will prompt you when you delete the contact, asking you if you’d like to remove the contact from all the distribution lists to which they belong. "You have really done a great job on the Distribution List Manager.

I used to be so frustrated by Outlooks limitations in this area.

Note: In Outlook 2007, you can add new members by clicking Select Members or Add New under Distribution List tab.

I can delete the oab and the profile folder is recreated but empty.

In the popping up Contact Group dialog box, you can do the following operations: Add new members(1).

If you want to add new members to the group, please click Contact Group , and it seems no way to add multiple emails' multiple senders or recipients into a contact group in bulk.

If you find Outlook's distribution lists a bit unstable, arcane and separated from your main list of contacts, you can use contact categories to form elegant mailing lists.

For more advanced list mailing that allows for each recipient's address to be in their message's To: field and personalization, you can turn to an email marketing add-on that integrates with Outlook.

someone who just received a CUMC email account, a new student, someone who recently changed their directory information) please use the steps below to synchronize your computer's locally cached version of the GAL.

Wouldn't it be great if when you're reading an email, you could click just one button and have all the email addresses be added to a single distribution list? You can also easily see which DLs a given contact belongs to.

Outlook Adress book isn't updating at all; just runs forever without error message or anything.