Updating european cabinets

The worst room in the whole house, though, is the kitchen.

The cabinets are ivory colored plastic laminate with a “Euro” style oak trim.

When a two-bedroom, 1952 red brick ranch in a fantastic neighborhood came on the market, I jumped at the chance to take a look.

The largest part of the budget (0) was spent on building materials for the upper cabinets. Painting out the wood strips of the European cabinet doors and adding handles makes them much more modern and up-to-date looking.A thrift store light was spray painted to give an old farmhouse feel to the space.Rate My Space contributor mayxu_2000 and her husband hired a contractor to reface cabinetry.But they did the work themselves when it came to installing the eye-catching, three-light fixture and mosaic-tile backsplash. After months of planning, ripping down, painting, sewing, dreaming and scheming, our pretty new kitchen is ready for its big day.

This big space in our old house had lots of potential when we first moved in. The layout was awkward, with strange upper cabinetry that perched on top of European cupboards.Then you’ll need to prime them with a primer designed to go over plastic laminate.Finally, using enamel suitable for cabinets and trim, paint the cabinet doors and trim in the same dark grey or dark brown tones.And, yes, Susan tells us painting the melamine worked — the brush strokes even look like wood grain, she says.Susan used a similar DIY formula to freshen up the bathroom. The house was listed as a fixer upper — but that didn’t intimidate Susan, who had been a DIY apprentice to her dad.On the other side of the room used to sit an empty wall. After searching high and low for new cupboard doors with no success, we ended up instead adding some custom fabric “doors” that ended up being one of my favorite features!