Updating jailbreak iphone to 2 1

Jailbreaking is a process of software modification that removes many limitations on i OS software.Typically achieved with the help of a third party jailbreak application, it is generally best suited for advanced users who know what they’re doing and why they want to jailbreak.They will also all work on other i Phones if you have them, or i Pads, or i Pod Touch’s.

Accidentally updated your i Phone 4 or 3GS to i OS 6.1.3/i OS 6.1.6 and lost its jailbreak status/stuck on the upgrade process with a “SIM not supported” message in i Tunes?It is a usual thing that happens to i Phone customers who buy the handset from second-hand market.So from my most favourite and onwards, here they are: 1) i Jailbreak Pro This is actually my most recent find.You have to see this app and the site that supports it to believe it.If you have any question – you get in touch with their support staff. If you’re going to jailbreak / unlock your shiny new i Phone 4s – I wouldn’t suggest you go all hacker and try to do it on your own – too much of a pain in the neck, and you risk bricking it.

Get one of the following programs and get the job done in 5 minutes flat.I’ve personally used it with 3 friends that have i Phone 4S, as well as my i Pad and another older i Phone 3GS. After you download and install it, the jailbreak and unlock takes about 4 and a half minutes from start to end.You can hit the ”GO” button and go make yourself a cup of tea, and it’s done.Aside from the Windows vs o S X compatibility difference, all else with …Read More A jailbreak has been released for all compatible i Phone, i Pad, and i Pod touch models running i OS 9, i OS 9.0.1, and i OS 9.0.2.i Nstant jailbreak is a semi/partial-untethered jailbreak.