Updating rosters on madden

Why does my madden 15 constantly update the roster when I try matching up with an opponent! We have the ultimate addition and this exact problem started happening yesterday 9/19. Our experience has been that the game loads fine when we use any Xbox account that is different than the one used redeem the team packs.Game Stop was nice enough to swap out a new disk but that of course that did nothing.

You'll have to be on gold for maybe 25 minutes but the employee walked me through the same issue in like 15 minutes.They also send you an email with all the steps required to fix the problem.Thank players and help them 'Level Up' by giving them XP.Thank you for sharing your gaming expertise with your fellow players!We've uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted and readded profiles and nothing works. The fact I see no resolution posted after a month is very disappointing for such an expensive game.

We'll give it another day then we're getting our money back.

Odell Beckham Jr officially entered the upper echelon of Madden players, as he is now rated at 90 overall.

While the Giants rookie sensation took a leap this week, Rob Gronkowski fell from the ranks of 99 overall, as missing a week end up costing him one whole point. Still, despite the drops, most of the top players are still elite and players on the rise are being recognized for their efforts all season long.

Other players who dropped in ratings include Alshon Jeffery, A. Odell Beckham Jr now grades out as the highest rookie of his draft class, which is fitting considering his late season performance. It’s not often that EA takes two weeks to send out updates, but the delay was planned.

Additionally, Rob Gronkowski — despite the slight downgrade — still ranks as the best player in the game next to J. Some thought that the PSN hacks over the Christmas season effected the release of the roster updates but that’s not the case.

It is said that this will be the last Madden NFL 17 roster update for the season. After his Super Bowl performance, Brady moves up one point overall.