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Whenever you change the information in your source data table, you will need to update the Pivot Table.There is no need to recreate the table, instead you simply select a cell in the Pivot Table and then select Refresh Data from the Data menu, or click on the Refresh Data tool on the Pivot Table toolbar.I have a pivot table that is based on this data, and I need the pivot table to detect the new records and refresh accordingly. Status Bar = "Updating Pivot, please wait..." Sheets("Pivots").

As time goes by, the external data source may change and grow with newly added records.

However, Power Pivot is still using its snapshot, so it can’t incorporate any of the changes in your data source until you take another snapshot.

By Michael Alexander When you load data from an external data source into Power Pivot, you essentially create a static snapshot of that data source at the time of creation.

Power Pivot uses that static snapshot in its Internal Data Model.

Excel's Status Bar is visible at the bottom of the Excel window and your messages are always shown on the left hand side.

If you don't want the time stamp shown in your message then leave out the "& Time" part of the message.

You can change the Worksheet_Activate macro so that in addition to refreshing the Pivot Table it also updates the definition of the Data Source.

Thus the Pivot Table responds to any additions or deletions made to the original data range.

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The range A1: E*** is the range I want the pivot table to reflect.

Visible = False The variable lng All Max Row contains the total number of data rows on the sheet All Data. Cheers, Ad Hi, Different approach: I would use a dynamic range as pivot table source so I wouldn't bother with changing its source but only refresh it either manually or via simple VBA code.