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From a hard drive standpoint a 4 GB hard disk is more than enough for testing and evaluation as Vyatta only requires about 1-2 GB of space.

In today’s announcement, AT&T said the Vyatta platform will help it drive its network transformation toward virtualization.The company is marching toward a goal to control 75 percent of its network with software by 2020.For testing, either a subscription edition or the Vyatta Core is acceptable – for longer term support a subscription version is required.Vyatta recommends 1 GB of memory, and for testing purposes this is plenty; in deployment, 512 MB or less can be used unless you are planning on using the device with many features enabled.And AT&T also intends to hire certain Brocade employees associated with that business who are mostly located in California and the United Kingdom. The transaction is expected to close in early summer, prior to the closing of Broadcom’s purchase of Brocade.

SDx Central heard rumors of AT&T’s interest in Vyatta in early May.Analysts speculated that if a service provider bought the v Router technology it could use it within its own network, and it also could resell it to its enterprise customers.That would slam router vendors such as Cisco and Juniper on two fronts: they would lose the service provider’s business, and they would be competing against the service provider for enterprise business.AT&T is also becoming very interested in white box hardware.In today’s announcement, it said the Vyatta assets would advance its software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) agenda.In fact, I did migrate to a new Atom D525-based Supermicro X7SPA-HF 4-port I350, and successfully ditched pf Sense in favor of Vyatta 6.6R1. But after a couple of days, before I was even finished writing my new policies, I wound up abandoning Vyatta.