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In this article I will describe two options to implement validation on the cells and rows of a WPF Data Grid.On the architectural level you have indeed (at least) two options when it comes to validation.Xceed Data Grid for WPF offers data validation support at various levels, including cells, row, and business-objects.

The other type of input validation can be used to reject any unacceptable data, for example a zero value in a field that must be greater than or equal to one, or an inappropriate string. The example below uses the Column Changing event because the unacceptable value is disallowed for the "Product" column in particular.This is done in the dataset by writing an event handler for the Data Table. You might use the Row Changing event for checking that the value of an "End Date" column is later than the "Start Date" column in the same row.The Data Grid control enables you to perform validation at both the cell and row level. Initializing New Item Event Args) _ Handles data Grid1. With cell-level validation, you validate individual properties of a bound data object when a user updates a value. Initializing New Item Dim new Course As Course = CType(e. It should look like this: Here's the Weather Forecast class: 1.

Validation through Validation Rules A first way to perform validation is to store the rules in Validation Rule classes, and let the column or row bindings call that business logic at the appropriate moment (that moment is determined by the Validation Step property of the rule).

If the user attempts to enter a value that is of an unacceptable data type for the cell, for example a string into an integer, the new invalid value is replaced with the old value.

This kind of input validation is done automatically and cannot be customized.

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Through a column's Display Member Binding Info property, information about a column's binding to its corresponding field in the underlying data source can be defined.