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The configured payload is not used by the Validator component, but its processing is completely up to you.

, composing a fairly comprehensive guide to validating and formatting North American and international phone numbers using regular expressions. Thus, the sequences that enclose the first group of digits match literal parenthesis characters.

For example, think about an email address, with a ruby regex you can define what a valid email address looks like.

That will make your program able to differentiate a valid email address from an invalid one.

Ruby regular expressions (ruby regex for short) help you find specific patterns inside strings, with the intent of extracting that data for further processing.

Two common use cases for regular expressions are validation and parsing.

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Whether you need to validate user input, search for patterns within strings, or reformat text in powerful ways, regular expressions can help.A regular expression that contains the majority of characters that one normally types into a keyboard (e.g., 'qwerty') matches exactly those characters.The rest of this page describes special escape sequences and more.Ruby regular expressions are defined between two forward slashes, to differentiate them from other language syntax.The most simple expressions just match a word or even a single letter, for example: This will return the index of the first occurrence of the word if it was found or nil otherwise. With capture groups, we can capture part of a match and reuse it later. It's pretty clear to me that you do not know what characters are included in the range A-z because you then repeated one of those characters by writing '_' in your character class.