Venus dating hank kuehne

Last year on the court in Miami Venus seemed to be less concentrated on tennis than on her love. This Cuban model with muscular body also loves fashion.He worked with Venus on her athletic line “Ele Ven”.

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Venus met her boyfriend Elio Pis when he modeled for her fashion line.

They have been practically inseparable since that time and he has accompanied her at her tournaments lately.

It was reported by different new media in 2008 that Venus Williams was engaged to be married to her boyfriend, Hand Kuehne.

However, this has not been confirmed as even in 2010, Venus does not speak about her personal life.

Her boyfriend Hank Kuehne was already married with Nicole Kuehne, but they are now divorce and he had one son.

Venus Williams said about her boyfriend, She is now preparing for the Australian open tournament.

tells me that Venus is going with this Hank Kuehne character who pocketed just over 10k on the Nationwide Tour as a golfer (and .6 mil on the PGA Tour as Curt in the comments points out). ) of traveling first class around the world and nailing Venus Williams at night. He’s also reportedly divorced, carrying some baggage. There are some questions that just may never go answered. Other Venus Williams Stories: Venus Williams Graduates from Fashion School!

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One of the most admired athletes in the World Venus Williams is an American professional tennis player who is a former World No. However, she doesn’t devote her life only to sport but she also loves fashion.