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Also, Pleaseleavetipsineedthemthanks Sincerely, That VOCALOID retard who has high dreams and hopes but can only reach 4/10 of them. ILY Hmm I wouldn't make a dating sim on flash if I were you since it isn't really made to make games(even if there are many flash games), I think Ren'py could be a good try to make a game maybe, since it's a program to make VNs I guess??? As i said before, i will be making a different game for Kiyo-sensei (that's how i call Hiyama Kiyoteru btw ;3 ) because i'm thinking of a teacher x teacher relationship not teacher x student.a:hidden').clone().append To('#super-secret-buttons .gmbutton2town').css('float', 'none').css('text-align', 'left').css('color', 'rgb(44, 54, 53)').show(); return DWait.ready Link('jms/pages/gruzecontrol/bluesbar.js', this, 'Blues Bar.hidden Menu(this)')" onmouseover="if (window.

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And then I thought, "well, as long as I made this interface, I should probably try to make it a little more accessible to people." And so now you have it: the product of a month of feature creep! I'm sticking with it for now, even after attaching her arms, because she has no voice and that might kind of be a big deal for a vocaloid?

Frequently Asked Questions Q: Can I upload this to Youtube? You don't even need to credit me; just be cool about it. A: You'll need to record the screen with something like Fraps or Cam Studio.

I'll wait a bit to see what issues I most often hear people coming across, and then editing the answer back in to a FAQ. " And then I had to add lip syncing and backgrounds.

Help Miku dance & lipsyncexample: Q7YDGd Xw Long Description:"Halfne Miku Studio" is a very basic dancing program with the goal of allowing you to entertain yourself as you listen to music and pretend Miku is singing and dancing to it, because either you can't find any videos of it, or you don't know how to make them yourself (but you at least know how to wave a mouse to a beat and tap a space bar to some notes! Hopefully I don't have to explain much, but I will probably have to. My plans for this deviation kind of blew out of proportion: originally it was just going to be an illustration of a tiny Miku with no arms. Then, when I had the animation set up, I was like "hey, why not take it a step further and make it controllable by input as well?

You part your (color) bangs from your face in frustration. " you demanded as you clutched the cell phone tighter around your hand.

” I thought, tired and bored of wasting my precious time. That was when I spotted those grinning juggernauts walking towards me, how ironic.And then I was about ready to upload it when I thought "Hey, I want to record a clip of how this is supposed to be used so people can understand its purpose without having to read!" But it turns out I really suck at live performances, so I made implemented a crude recording and playback feature. *_*I originally called her "Halfne" because she was so small and armless that it was like she was not a complete Miku.Nothing too exciting like guns and tanks plz x DAlso, leave suggestions on what other male VOCALOID i should put in!I'm considering putting Kiyo-sensei but he's a teacher so i'm thinking of making a separate game for him when the protagonist is a teacher as well.The saved files are just for resuming/sharing your work in Halfne Miku Studio.