We tv pregnant and dating

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But I have another opinion entirely if you’re actively searching for Mr.

Right, on national television, while that tiny baby grows within you. Focus on yourself and the precious bundle you are carrying.

While advocates of the show say that there is nothing wrong with these pregnant women seeking out companionship and finding Mr.

Right while they wait on their babies to be born, the show definitely has its critics as well.

Most women argue that these women have a lot more to be worried about during their pregnancies than just finding a man.

"Pregnant and Dating” turns out to be different than you might think, which is at first reassuring and in the end a little sad.Plus, imagine when they tell their potential suitors that they are in fact, pregnant.Wow, this show sounds, interesting, to say the least! I wonder if I can accidently “BUMP” into him later today …I think it is okay to naturally come across a new love during your pregnancy, because sometimes that’s just the way life rolls. The new WE TV reality show “Pregnant and Dating” ups the ante just a little bit, offering us a glimpse into the lives of some single women looking for love… The new reality show, which aired June 1 on WE TV, follows the lives of it’s very pregnant stars, Keisha, Shana, Melissa, Megan and Rachel as they try to navigate the world of dating along with their baby bumps.