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Plus she’s still very beautiful, and elegant, and a mother. (SEXEE) Men and women love to admire you, but they are eclipsed by an even greater number of girls who look up to you.

Arianny Celeste es una guapísima host de UFC que ha dejado enamorado a más de uno con sus hermosos ojos y espectacular cuerpo. #festival #ootd #dj Mustard jack U #a$ap Rocky #miikesnow #chainsmokers #flume #letsgetweird 😎💃🏽🌈 A photo posted by Arianny Celeste UFC® (@ariannyceleste) on Ari the explorer 😎 Follow my travel account @adventuresofac to see my personal pics from all of my travels!

On closer inspection, even it turns out that the girl is with great pride their shows.Bright appearance is explained by mixing Mexican and Filipino blood, which is connected in the model.She has been featured on the cover of Maxim and in countless men’s magazines including FHM and Sports Illustrated.More than eye candy for UFC fans around the world, Arianny has built a brand that represents sexy, fit, and powerful women.Each new day brings her not only the joy of life, but also waiting for new victories and achievements.

Hot sun of Las Vegas, which was born in a popular beauty kindled a real fire in its veins, so no wonder she regularly receives the status of the hottest girls UFC. You must be a pretty tough girl the way you hang with the boys and hold your own. But the funny thing is I’m a real girly girl and I don’t have any brothers. (SEXEE) You are of both Mexican and Filipino descent, and you speak fluent Spanish. (Arianny Celeste) How about a driven guy with a big heart? ) (SEXEE) In dating, do you like older men or younger guys? (SEXEE) Who were some of your early influences in the modeling and entertainment industries? (Arianny Celeste) I kind of paved my own way for this modeling and entertainment career. Only a few years ago I started working with a manger and agency. (SEXEE) UFC octagon girl, “Overhaulin” and “Guy Code” show host: all Alpha male-dominated environments. Do you feel they give you a different outlook on life than others? (Arianny Celeste) Eyes are the windows to the soul. (SEXEE) Would you rather date a rich guy with a bad attitude or a broke dude with a big heart? What advice do you have for your biggest fan – a beautiful teenaged girl somewhere out there who hopes of one day becoming an entertainment success like her idol AC? Tam-Star: Before we get started, I wanted to say congratulations on winning the 2010 UFC MMA Octagon Girl Award. So, how do guys react to you when you tell them you are an UFC Octagon Girl? From there they’re like oh, she’s kinda cute, I wonder what she does for them. It’s cool because now that I know about the sport I can talk to guys about it.Arianny: I don’t really talk about it when I meet people and they’re like, what do you do? We’ll talk about some certain fight and be like oh, yeah, that was crazy…or yeah, I can’t believe that happened…I can’t believe the judges called that…or blah, blah, blah.Although the steamy hostess is busy building her empire, she still made time to sit down with Mankind Unplugged to talk about the more meaningful things in life. It’s actually my third time winning it, but this time there was a huge production with the awards show and everything.