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And, once again, it was all set against the picturesque beaches and staggering wealth of Laguna Beach, California.When the cliques of seasons 1 and 2 went their separate ways, MTV found a new group of Laguna Beachers who were willing to continue exposing the underbelly of their tight-knit community: Tessa, Raquel (aka Rocky), Kyndra, Chase, Kelan, Cameron, Cami, Lexie and Breanna.Sydney, 30, and Justin, 27, have avoided the spotlight in their adult years, even as many are once again talking about the tragic murder of their mother and her friend Ronald Goldman because of the new FX miniseries American Crime Story: The People V. Justin is a real estate agent at Coldwell Banker, and writes on his profile page; 'Having a family immersed in hospitality, Justin sets himself apart by dominating customer service and his communication/negotiation skills give his clients the competitive edge!

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65 Million Years Ago Toward the beginning of the Cenozoic Era, the Los Angeles-Orange County Basin and mountains lie beneath swampy sea-marshes and lagoons, receiving sediment from large rivers flowing out of the low-lying ancestral Nevadan mountains. The San Gabriel and Santa Ana Mountains begin to form. During the Triassic-Jurassic Period, the rock formation that would become known as the Bedford Canyon Formation on the eastern slope of the Santa Ana Mountains, the oldest known rock formations in the future OC, begins to form deep beneath an ancient ocean.Upon its conclusion, all cast members departed from the series and were replaced by a group of current students.The third season was narrated by Tessa Keller, and also showcased Cameron Brinkman, Breanna Conrad, Lexie Contursi, Raquel Donatelli, Cami Edwards, Kelan Hurley, Chase Johnson, and Kyndra Mayo.It is covered with scrub forest and inhabited by ancient horses, rhinoceros and camels.

5 to 1.8 Million Years Ago Los Angeles-Orange County area hills are forced upwards in height to become mountain ranges. 1.8 Million to 10,000 Years Ago Large mountain ranges now are present and the Los Angeles-Orange County Basin, formed from accumulating sediment deposits, slowly rises from the sea.

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