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I encourage diversity in very many ways, and I feel very strongly that politics is for everyone.” Naturally, Tabitha is very pleased to have Denise on her side.She told us: “I am thrilled that Denise has backed me for Metro Mayor and it’s been a pleasure spending time with her as part of my election campaign.” She added: “Denise and I were both late coming to politics: like many women I always thought politics was something other people did, not something for a woman who grew up on a council estate in Liverpool.I’ve watched grey-haired men shouting — and snoring — in the Houses of Parliament and like a lot of people I’ve got bored, disinterested, and thought I can’t be part of this.

Natalie first appeared on Coronation Street in February 1997 after her son Tony, co-owner of MVB Motors, suffered a breakdown due to hitting and killing Joyce Smedley with his car.

She took over the reins of the garage, implementing a new billing system computer program and acting as part owner and manager in her son's absence.

She’s been pictured on a number of occasions with Matt Healy, frontman of The 1975, and son of ex-Loose Women panellist Denise Welch.

T-Swizzle‘s been seen sporting a 1975 T-shirt, while Matt recently performed in a top emblazoned with her 1989 album cover.

Now, she can add political animal to her CV, as she has publicly voiced her support for Tabitha Morton, the Women’s Equality Party’s candidate for Liverpool Metro Mayor.

The Women’s Equality Party was created in order to highlight and combat gender inequality in the UK.

If a love of giving things date-related names is a good basis for romance, then these two are a match made in musical heaven.

Earlier this week, Matt chatted to Australian radio host Angus O’Loughlin, revealing that he and Taylor had ‘exchanged numbers’ before.

Despite all the photo evidence and speculation, the pair are yet to confirm a romance.

Taylor is still wheeling out the ‘I’m too busy to date’ line in interviews, as she did with US TV host Barbara Walters earlier this week.

DIVA Ally of the Year Denise Welch has many strings to her bow.