Who is edward burns dating

Holly and Burns (freshly split from longtime galpal Maxine Bahns) met on the set of his upcoming film Long Time, Nothing New and were spotted palling around together all over Gotham this spring: See Lauren and Eddie at the Knicks game, see Lauren and Eddie in Central Park..get the picture.

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These things must be contagious.) The latest rumor has Holly in Great Britain, accompanying Burns as he films Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan.

Carrey said he used to fantasize about Holly while watching her act on All My Children, and the two eventually met during auditions for Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

"Now I feel like it's a treat again," says the mother of two (Grace, nine, and Finn, seven, with filmmaker husband Edward Burns), "because I do it so seldom.

But because she models infrequently these days, a Turlington cover has a sense of occasion.

She is exceptionally dedicated, traveling to Washington, Haiti, Guatemala, and Tanzania to campaign for women's issues more often than she gets in front of a camera. Running in from the subway, she throws her bag down and asks, "Wine? She's dressed in a chic but practical ensemble of a color-blocked Michael Angel coat, an A. Read Kate Moss's recent quote to her ("The last time I saw Christy, she was wearing a twinset. Shame, because when I get really messy, I dress up in a twinset.

You can think twinset, but you can't wear one"), and she hoots. Next time I see Kate, I'm totally wearing one." That is the twist of Turlington: She has merged two disparate worlds—supermodeldom and philanthropy—into a seamless whole.’ That’s something I wanted to get across.” As part of his research for the show, Burns pored over his dad’s arrest records.“I combed through those to get some sense of what areas had heavy traffic.Another happy Hollywood romance has gone down the tubes.Lauren Holly filed for divorce Tuesday from rubber-faced hubby Jim Carrey after a blissful marriage that lasted all of nine months.On "CBS This Morning," Charlie Rose asked Burns how ended up with the beauty icon.