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Former Rams running back Eric Dickerson has stirred up controversy throughout his career, including this week’s blowup with Rams coach Jeff Fisher. Compromise, after all, has never been Eric Dickerson’s way. He insists he does not feel good about the public tempest between him and the Rams coach or the unrest that has engulfed the franchise in its wake – “I didn’t ask for this,” the Hall of Famer says – but that doesn’t mean bygones can simply be bygones."I won't be at the Coliseum as long as Fisher is coaching," Dickerson said.

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We compared their two seasons: Elliott is currently averaging 22.1 carries per game, shy of Dickerson's average of 24.4 in 1983.

So while Dickerson averaged slightly more rush yards per game (113.0) than Elliott is currently doing, Elliot is averaging more yards per carry (5.0 to 4.6).

“If I feel like it’s right, I’m going to stick to it no matter what,” Dickerson said. But ask the man himself, and he’ll tell you that his personality does not allow for turning back.

He will speak his mind, no matter the consequences, if he deems it necessary.

The Rams are willing to treat Dickerson like a member of the family as long as he behaves in a way that the Rams believe a member of the family should. Which is why most NFL teams tend to keep former players at arm’s length, treating them with respect but not extending any additional favors or gratuities.

But believing that they can apply that type of condition to Dickerson’s or any other former player’s status is the flaw in the team’s logic. Rams with the apparent goal of using that relationship to re-establish a bond with L. As the Dickerson situation proves, it’s very hard for a team to have it both ways.A laundry list of feuds with Rams and Colts management, which once marred his brilliant playing career, prove his latest dispute with Fisher and the Rams is hardly an outlier.“If I feel strong enough about something,” he said, “I’ll gladly go down, by myself, with the ship.” Before the 1987 season, his last in Los Angeles, Dickerson sat in a room with Rams vice president John Shaw."You don't ever have to worry about me coming to football games ever again," Dickerson said he told Fisher."I like coming to games basically because of the fans—not because of the football games." According to Dickerson, Fisher said, "Players feel uncomfortable with you coming on the sidelines, some of the stuff you said about the team, about coaches and the players.And as long as I'm head coach, we're not going to have that. You're not going to be coming to the sidelines as long as I'm head coach here." Dickerson has been vocal in his criticism of the 4–7 Rams' offense this season, calling it boring and saying quarterbacks coach Chris Weinke doesn't deserve to coach No. Dickerson, 56, played for the Rams in the 80s and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1999.