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Fans will recall that she was the woman on EJ's arm, when he attended the opening of the Horton Square.Little did Scott know at the time that that onscreen "date" would eventually lead to him finding his future wife.She also added a link to a picture taken before the ceremony, here.

"As a result of the divorce, all copyrights, contract, and/or royalty rights to the musical compositions created between November 7, 1959 and May 30, 1985 were purportedly divided between plaintiff and defendant as tenants-in-common.

Defendant also received a monthly spousal support payment of substantial sums and significant real and personal property." However, Smokey says: "Defendant did not write any part of any of the musical compositions at issue; her interest was awarded on the basis of community property principles alone." By Smokey's reasoning, any person who didn't partake in the creative process of copyrighted works should be locked out of profiting from the works.

Robinson was known for his silky voice and songs like "My Girl," "You've Really Got a Hold on Me" and "The Way You Do the Things You Do." Now, though, America's poet laureate of love is involved in a dispute with his ex-wife Claudette Robinson that could create precedent for those in the music business whose devotion didn't last through the ages.

It's not often that copyright law and family law intermix, but such is the case in a dispute that involves a no-longer obscure provision of the 1976 Copyright Act.

"She is entitled to half the publisher's share and half the writer's share," Claudette's counsel wrote in a Dec. "[T]he 1976 Copyright Act expressly provides that these 'recaptured' copyrights belong to the author alone, which is plaintiff.

Moreover, the 1976 Copyright Act precludes any transfer of those copyrights before the terminations themselves are effective.Both projects implement the heart-pounding beats and glossy textures of certain ’80’s pop stars Hawthorne grew up with (think Hall & Oates or Lionel Richie).The sound of retro drum machines, analog synths and spanky guitars breathe new life into Hawthorne’s recent album, “Man About Town,” which represents a refreshing shift in his sonic catalog.Since enactment, artists such as have filed termination notices.Robinson has too, but upon hearing from his ex-wife, he filed a lawsuit in March seeking declaratory relief that he wouldn't have to share reclaimed rights.STORY: ASCAP at 100: 10 Hitmakers Reveal Favorite Songs From Past Century Like many musicians, Robinson is now attempting to exploit the law's termination protocol to reclaim rights to his works.