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Taylor Swift has one more A-list actor to add to her squad. '" Obviously, he ultimately did accept the part, and the video was nothing short of a dream, just like Swift intended.In a recent interview this week, Scott Eastwood revealed that his agents originally advised him not to accept the role of Taylor Swift's love interest in her "Wildest Dreams" music video. The "Suicide Squad" actor took to Instagram shortly after shooting the video, back in 2014, to show the world just how much fun he had. She is a great person and those are hard to find in your life.WATCH: Scott Eastwood Goes Shirtless in Miami, Sources Deny Adriana Lima Dating Rumors "None of my agents wanted me to do it, actually," Eastwood, 30, told People. RELATED: How Scott Eastwood Mastered the Art of Bull Riding for 'The Longest Ride' "What an amazing time working with @taylorswift," he captioned the photo.

"Meanwhile, VIP server Billy Reilich constantly receives extra attention thanks to his ripped body.

"Working at The Abbey you get touched constantly," he says.

In the books, the questing Brienne (who doesn't confront the Hound in Martin's version...) sees a gravedigger while making a pit stop at the religious enclave on Quiet Isle -- a huge, hooded man who'd recently taken shelter there in search of a simpler life. Rory Mc Cann was spotted staying at a hotel near the Belfast set back in August, and Ian Mc Shane will appear in an upcoming episode as a character who matches the general description of another Quiet Isle resident.

The Hound's ornery horse, Stranger, is also seen in the stables. If true, strap in -- it just might be Cleganebowl time (see below)! Benjen, Ned Stark's younger brother, was a man of the Night's Watch who mysteriously disappeared early on in the first season, never to be seen again.

There was something for everyone at the two-day event, held at Moor Farm, Knights in the Bottom, in Chickerell.

Dorset Axemen impressed the crowds with their axe-wielding displays, as did a chainsaw carver.

Donald Trump explained his stance on gay marriage like this:"It's like in golf.

A lot of people -- I don't want this to sound trivial -- but a lot of people are switching to these really long putters, very unattractive.

Crowds flocked to an annual show which rolled in to town.

The Chickerell Steam and Vintage Show took place at the weekend, attracting thousands of visitors keen to catch a glimpse of old-fashioned steam engines and classic cars.

Live music was performed throughout the day as visitors soaked up the sun and friendly atmosphere.