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Resist replicating this at your next home movie night—take advantage of being within walking distance of your very own kitchen and wow guests with some seriously seasoned popped corn.

The basic recipe is oil-plus-salt, but gourmet means by Sarah Shotwell Spring holidays mean family, friends, and the first meals of the year served al fresco!

Enjoy a delectable gourmet pie from the menu of our Lovedale restaurants specially chosen to complement a Lovedale wine during May & June.

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These variations result from the complex interactions between the biochemical development of the grape, the reactions involved in fermentation, the terroir, and the production process.Many countries enact legal appellations intended to define styles and qualities of wine.Professionally presented by our knowledgeable hosts, each course or chapter reveals the passion of the Creation team.Savour the spirit of Creation with Passion, Charisma, Resonance and Déjà Vu … Ranging from our award-winning Estate and Reserve wines to the iconic Art of Creation wines, our portfolio is pure delight to the palate!Both archaeological and genetic evidence suggest that the earliest production of wine may slightly predate this: with the earliest wine-making likely having taken place in the Southern Caucasus (which encompasses Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan), or the West Asian region between Eastern Turkey, and Northwestern Iran.

A 2003 report by archaeologists indicates a possibility that grapes were mixed with rice to produce mixed fermented beverages in China in the early years of the seventh millennium BC.Saturday afternoons from PM to PM, sample 5 different wines, accompanied by cheese and charcuterie.You’re invited to enjoy a relaxing hour as the knowledgeable staff introduces each wine, deliciously paired with artisanal cheeses and small-batch cured meats.Archaeological evidence has established the earliest known production of wine from fermented grapes during the late Neolithic site of Hajji Firuz Tepe in the northern Iran Zagros Mountains or early Chalcolithic site in the northern edge of the Middle East.The earliest chemically attested grape wine was discovered at Hajji Firuz in the northwestern Zagros Mountains dating back to 5400 BC.On the day of your reservation, please check in by PM.